Handbook on Standard Treatment Guidelines

Guidelines and protocols are the buzz word in any discipline. Moreover these form an integral part in any organization or systems to bring uniformity, to assess services, detect deficiencies, evaluate the programme cost, guide the end users, satisfy the beneficiaries, compare the performances, identify the areas for improvement, include the organization for research and so on.

About the Handbook

The Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) is a profile of thematic presentation of various medical conditions and existing treatment modalities practiced worldwide. It is a systematically developed method to assist Medical Practitioners and other health care providers in making decisions for specific clinical episodes. Its use contributes significantly in attaining Total Quality Management (TQM) in healthcare. It also helps the Medical Practitioners to be apprised of recent advancements in the provision of care.

Contents of the Handbook

This initiative by TNHSP is an important component of its efforts at improving quality in health care. A team of experts from renowned Medical Colleges of Tamilnadu have contributed significantly in compiling this document, especially the various anecdotes, clinical methodology, diagnostic tools, cross references and current practices. An algorithmic approach to the management of the common clinical conditions will help significantly to save precicous time in decision making. The aim of this document is to enable uniformity and rational prescriptions and an attitudinal change to tackle emergencies, epidemics and other health related issues across the state in a better manner.

The guidelines have been peer-reviewed by the faculty at Christian Medical College, Vellore and suggestions were incorporated with the concurrence of the STG Committee.


A CD version of the guidelines is made available through  the HMIS wing of the Project.