Project Components

The TNHSP has four broadly classified components, each designed to fulfil a key objective of the project. These components are broken down further to address the micro aims of the Project.

Increasing access to and utilisation of health services 

  • Reduction of maternal and neo-natal mortality rates
  • Improving tribal health
  • Facilitating use of hospitals by underprivileged groups

Combating non-communicable diseases and accidents

  • Health promotion 
  • Pilot testing of clinic-based non-communicable diseases control
  • Accident prevention and treatment

Capacity building for improved management 

·         Monitoring and evaluation          

  1. Strengthening HMIS
  2. Evaluating and assessing innovations

·         Improving quality of healthcare

  1. Developing and disseminating standard treatment protocol
  2. Regulating health facilities in public and private hospitals  

·         Strategy development and implementation

  1. Strategic Planning 
  2. Managing public-private partnership
  3. Pilot testing a community-based health insurance scheme

·         Healthcare waste management

Maximising the efficiency of the public sector to deliver essential services

  • Rationalisation of secondary care facilities
  • Rationalising and maintaining hospital equipment
  • Human resource planning and development
  • Enhancing management of public facilities
  • Strengthening hospital management
  • Assisting hospitals to function with maximum efficiency